How To Increase Conversion Rate: The Power of Social Proof

Social proof can be very influential to attracting new customers

I went to Discovery Basin ski resort in Georgetown Lake, Montana and an article about a bed and breakfast in a nearby town, Philipsburg, was framed on the wall. It was an interesting story for the business, but what I found most interesting was the owner’s act of placing his own bikes in front of […]

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Following-up the Right Way

marketing experts will tell you that fortune is in the follow up. Make sure to have a plan.

Chances are, there is little doubt in your mind about the importance of follow-up in your marketing…however, as I have mentioned before, this is an area where businesses drop the ball. It is not hard to do and here are some tips to help point you in the right direction.  Here are a few things […]

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How To Create A Killer Ad Copy Really Fast

simple copywriting tips for local bozeman businesses

Here’s a chance for you to learn (for free) an awesome shortcut (used by the best marketers in the game) to get inside the mind of the most perfect, ready-to-buy prospect you’ll ever find. Knowing this short-cut makes it ridiculously easy to create a super-effective sales message for your ads, videos, websites, emails, or anything […]

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Who Needs Local TV Advertising? Create a YouTube Channel Page that Reflects Your Brand

Bozeman Video Marketing incorporated into Social Media sites is a powerful strategy

Do you spend more time online than watching TV? Some stats indicate it is almost 50/50. While I won’t join the many who feel traditional media advertising is dying, I do think that you need to know how to reach your customers, and more importantly, serve them some valuable content. So youtube videos can help […]

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How to Win Customers with a Simple Follow-Up Strategy

The fortune cookie says the fortune is in the follow-up

It has been a couple weeks since attending the 2011 CES show and there were over 150,000 people that were in Vegas for the show. We met more people across those four days than we could remember first hand. We are not alone. It can be overwhelming attending large conferences and business events, yet they […]

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Comparison Shopping Engines: Optimize Your Product Titles

Thumbnail image for Comparison Shopping Engines: Optimize Your Product Titles

A properly formatted Product Title should be considered the cornerstone in your comparison shopping engine optimization (CSEO) efforts. To achieve optimal relevancy on most shopping engines, you may need to revise the Title in your feed from its original appearance on your site. On the other hand, Google prefers that the Title in your feed […]

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Key Reasons for Local Businesses to Blog

Small Businesses should use a blog as a core part of their internet marketing

Are you a Bozeman Business owner that has set a goal for getting online in 2011? There are several internet strategies to consider. However, it is well known that a blog has many benefits to a small business owner when it comes to marketing. Blogs are wonderful tools for local businesses because they are so […]

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How Can Local Restaurants Leverage Social Media?

diner using a smart phone

This latest research report discusses that even though you can leverage social media to help brand your business, you still need to tap into the influencers in the market. This recent study shows that restaurants especially have the most to gain, as integration with loyalty programs to track real ROI is just now becoming a […]

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Affiliate Marketing: Is it right for your Business?

Affiliate Summit is the conference for affiliate marketers

There is a successful Bozeman based business discussed their business strategy in the Daily Chronicle.  The owner was not interested in a growing sales through a retail distribution network because he did not like the fact he had to sell his product for half of what they are worth (typical wholesale retail spread). However, another […]

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Local Search Marketing: How Bozeman Businesses Can Find New Customers

Bozeman businesses need to set up their business for local search marketing

These days more and more people turn to search engines (like Google) and local review sites (like Yelp) to find local businesses of all kinds. Any Gallatin valley area business that ignores creating their local search presence is missing out on a relatively cheap and easy way to generate customers. This benefits ALL types of […]

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