Our Stores

High Road Retail has leveraged the power of the web and proprietary web applications to create a unique group of specialty stores. We’re an online retail marketer that currently owns and operates many different stores. Each one focuses on a specific niche. For example, Buyingmakeuponline.com markets cosmetics, officecopypaper.com markets copier paper and tennisballscheap.com sells all types of tennis balls.

We have more than ten on-line stores. Each store carefully designed and marketed to appeal to its target audience.
Why do we run so many separate stores? For the same reason Limited Brands has Victoria Secret and Bath & Body Works instead of one super store. Targeted marketing is a well known opportunity for appealing to and building a relationship with your customer. Do you want to learn our secrets? Want more information that will help you grow your business? Sign up today for a free consultation, especially if you are a small business that has ignored internet marketing.

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