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Jonathan Budds’ Futuristic Marketing Program: Why Online Retailers Should Care?

Jonathan Budd Futuristic Marketing

New Program Launches on July 16, 2012

Who is Jonathan Budd? What is Futuristic Marketing? and why does this matter to retailers?

Great questions… and let me tell you that if I would have known what I know now from other successful internet marketers, like Jonathan Budd, then my businesses would be in a far different place.  But before I answer the above questions, let me set the stage for this post.

Fact: Online retailers are always struggling with ways to reach out to their audience.

Besides Amazon and their Amazon Prime program, most retailers lack a clear successful strategy to build loyalty.

Instead, retailers focus on search engine strategies, like creating content, social media, and paid advertising, with crossed

fingers hoping that people will buy something.

Fact: Conversion rates on new visitors to online retail websites hover around the 1-2% mark

I will make this fact personal. During our peak google click advertising spending years, it would take on average

100 clicks before we had a sale. Google clicks average 54 cents.  Doing the math, we were spending almost 54 dollars

to capture a sale. And our average order was 119 dollars. Yea, once I dug into this math, I basically upended the marketing

department and focused on better return on ad spend.  But even that missed the most important thing!


Futuristic Marketing and the Most Important Thing

Online retailers can learn a thing or two from Jonathan Budd.  The first thing is his ability to drive traffic to webpages

specifically designed to capture two key pieces of personal information, name and email address. He does this by offering

something of value in exchange for that information.  Online retailers should practice the same form of marketing.

What am I saying? Yes, it is revolutionary. You should not send traffic to a product page. Period. You should send the traffic

to a free offer that is related to the selling product. For example, people looking for patio umbrellas, should be directed to an offer for a free buying guide.

(disclaimer, I will be executing that idea, it flat out works).

If the customer clicked on an ad that showed up for his search term “best price Dayva Patio Blue Patio Umbrella” should land them on a coupon code offer related to that item.

Jonathan budd teaches this idea of building an audience through capture pages.

The second thing you will learn in Futuristic Marketing is how to position your store as an influential resource to your potential customer.

It takes time for your potential customers to build trust and security in your store brand. The key to that relationship building is follow up conversations. The only real way to do this is through email. And the email must be compelling, and entertaining. You will learn how to do this through Jonathan Budd’s training.

The 3rd thing you will learn from Jonathan Budd and his futuristic marketing program is automation.

The whole dream of online retailers, or even selling on ebay is the ability to make sales 24 hours a day to people all across the world. There is no way to scale a business without automating some of the marketing. Emails can be prewritten, personalized, and segmented that automatically go out on a schedule that can warm up the prospect into customer. You can even leverage social media to find prospects.

In summary, online retailers are slow to understanding the basics of direct response marketing, and may not realize that the customers they need to grow are only a few emails away.

Now go out there and learn how to be a futuristic Marketer.  Discover all the  information you need about Jonathan Budd and his Futuristic Marketing training (updated frequently)

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