BestBuy wants to grow internet sales

Marketing Online: How BestBuy Plans to Increase Internet Sales

Here is an interesting story about how BestBuy plans to double online sales from 2 Billion to 4 Billion. The main strategy is adding more product offerings. I think BestBuy realizes that have retail physical floor space is basically unneccesary to increase sales. Costco has adopted this model, as well as Sears and Walmart.

The benefits of a great ecommerce platform is the ability to have a near endless catalog of products ranging from sporting goods to bakeware. The issue for BestBuy is to figure out how to transition their image as a consumer electronics retailer to a general merchandise retailer. Amazon was successful moving from books to products from A to Z, but NewEgg struggled in its strategy of offering more items than just electronics. It recently shut down NewEggMall and will try to put unrelated items onto their NewEgg store.

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