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Email Marketing 101: What Works, How to get your list to open

Have you ever wondered what the best know methods are for
email marketing?
The email marketing experts have stated that while Wednesday
may be the best day for sending email, Sunday may even be better.
The reason is that there is less competition in the inbox.
But even if you are able to catch their attention because of less competition,
you still need them to open up the email.
The email subject lines should all use the following strategies to get them to
open up the email:
1. Curiosity
2. Bold Statements
3. Controversy
4. Shock Factor
5. Facts
6. Humor
Here are some insights from an experienced email marketer.
They recently shared their ten best subject lines.
Over the past 4 years, this person sent out over 500 emails.
Some of them were rock star performers and some of
them were complete duds. During that time, they learned
which levers increase response, and improved open rates.
Feel free to model after these – just don’t copy word for word…
1. I’ve fallen in love… (This one had the best open rate
of ALL time. I guess people are quite interested in their
personal life.
2. Unusual Traffic Strategies for 2011… (I bet you haven’t heard of these :)
3. The ‘Kajabi Killer’ = ? (Answer Inside…)
4. (New Video) – My Favorite Way to Make Money Online
5. An Unusual Business Model That Works Like Crazy…
6. Shhhh! The #1 Traffic Strategy for Growing Your Blog…
7. 500+ Places to Syndicate Your Content (and my favorite tv show)
8. Weird Little Tweak Increases Your Article Traffic by 3x-10x
9. (New Video) – Copy My Exact Business Model
10. 21 Untapped Traffic Sources Inside
11. Copy All of My Traffic Strategies
Are you starting to see some similarities?
One of the first things you’ll notice is that almost all
of these subject lines create curiosity.
The goal is to give your audience just enough information to interest them
but still leave them hanging.
Give them a taste of the benefit without actually ‘revealing’
the secret.
They have to ‘open’ the email to find the answer to the
subject line itself.
Include an element of curiosity in all of your subject
lines and you’ll see an immediate boost in open rates.
But this is not the only tactic. It is just one example.
A bold statement could be ” I Quit”,  a controversial line
could be “Bozeman is a terrible place…” which then leads into
the current problems the city has related to lack of funds to improve
the entertainment and recreation elements that make cities great.
(disclosure, only based on conversations I have had with residents,
I am not encouraging a write in campaign, just providing an example : ) )
If you want to kick it up another notch, include some personality!
Their best subject line of all time was “I’ve fallen in love…”
Pretty crazy right?
But the fact is that we are living through the humanization
of business and more than ever, people are extremely interested
in the person BEHIND the business itself.
More than ever… your audience craves RELATIONSHIPS!
People don’t want cheesy marketing messages… they want YOU.
Your story… Your life…
Start injecting YOUR personality into everything you do and
watch your response rates EXPLODE!
That’s one of the biggest pieces of advice for 2011 and the trends
within the social media movement. You have to show some
personality, a spark, something, or you are just a 2-d person
living in a 3-D world.
Give people a peek behind the curtain.
It is really the driving force behind reality TV shows and
since they have been on the air since 2000, it has really
become a big part of our culture.
We expect reality, we expect authenticity.
We want to know the people, not some boring business story.
And most of all… enjoy what you do. It will show in your work.
Till next time

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