Social proof to attract new customers is important for any business

How To Increase Conversion Rate: The Power of Social Proof

I went to Discovery Basin ski resort in Georgetown Lake, Montana and an article about a bed and breakfast in a nearby town, Philipsburg, was framed on the wall. It was an interesting story for the business, but what I found most interesting was the owner’s act of placing his own bikes in front of his business to attract customers. These motorcycles are referred to as “decoys”, similar to duck decoys.

We all know the reason duck hunters use decoys. It works. Ducks flying by see other ducks at the pond, and feel a comfort level to land there. The same sense of insecurity potential customers feel about your business can be alleviated if you have testimonials from your existing customer base.

I am not recommending you create decoy “testimonials” to lure customers to your business. Integrity is worth more than gold. Fake testimonials can harm the business reputation, and should never be practiced.

I do recommend soliciting feedback from your customer base to build social proof for your offer. Gaining permission to share the feedback with other potential customers can help remove a potential objection a new customer can have towards your business.

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