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How To Create A Killer Ad Copy Really Fast

Here’s a chance for you to learn (for free) an awesome shortcut (used by the best marketers in the game) to get inside the mind of the most perfect, ready-to-buy prospect you’ll ever find.
Knowing this short-cut makes it ridiculously easy to create a super-effective sales message for your ads, videos, websites, emails, or anything else you need to bring in results quickly and easily.
(And by “results”, I mean “cash.”)
Even if you’ve been clueless about the whole copywriting process  until now.
Most entrepreneurs & biz owners never figure it out…and it’s why they struggle.
Best part: This shortcut was given away by writing-and-marketing guru John Carlton last year.

I shared this strategy at a Bozeman Internet Marketing gathering and they were impressed, so why not share to a larger group.

It is a three step process:

1. The Bar Conversation

2. The Elevator Pitch

3. Close the Deal

The first step is to virtually climb into your prospect’s mind and identify their problem. Consider it a simple sales conversation.

The second step is all about being respectful of the prospect’s time. You want to explain enough about who you are and what you do.  Think of it this way: Here is who I am, Here is what I do, This is why you need us, and Here is what you need to do now.

The third step is all about closing the sale. The key is not to sell from your heels. Be willing to ask for the order. You can persuade people by eliminating the purchase risk, being specific, and sweetening the deal.

To summarize, you are aiming to:

Grab the reader’s attention amidst all the chaos & everything else that is being shown to them

help them realize this is what they need and want

show them that you’re the the right business partner to help them succeed.

When you execute on these goals, you will find it easier to capture the sale.

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