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Who Needs Local TV Advertising? Create a YouTube Channel Page that Reflects Your Brand

Do you spend more time online than watching TV?

Some stats indicate it is almost 50/50.

While I won’t join the many who feel traditional media advertising is dying, I do think that you

need to know how to reach your customers, and more importantly, serve them some valuable

content. So youtube videos can help you market to your prospects and customers when they are

not watching tv.

Just consider the benefits:

#1: Internet marketing is more cost effective.

#2: You can be extremely targeted in your message, and that is just not what newspapers, tv, and radio can offer.

#3: The consumer market is segmented more than ever.

The Internet is Perfect for Niche Marketing

The internet has made laser like focused marketing possible.

Furthermore, most of the mediums can be such low cost

that you can really make sure your message is visible to the right people.

Done right, the power of videos can make you a well known local figure to your community

Youtube is the Number 2 Search Engine

So add this to your to do list:

Create some YouTube videos to complement your promotional marketing mix.

You’ll no doubt see results and build your brand in the process.

Google owns youtube so you now have another piece of content

that can show up in search results.

Cheaper than a Producing a Commercial

YouTube channel pages are easy to customize, you have no excuse not to maximize yours.

  • Customize your channel’s colors, fonts and background to complement your brand image
  • Select a layout that prominently features your best content
  • Add interactive features to your channel, such as user and moderator comments
  • Integrate keyword tags to boost your YouTube search rankings

In summary, the use of video is growing extremely fast (scaring the internet service providers, but that is another story).

Video must become part of your marketing strategies and social media websites if you wish to remain relevant against the competition.

Video speaks to everyone. It’s immediate, accessible, and enduring.

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