Local Bozeman retailers still benefit with a great site search

Want Happy Customers? Make Sure Your Site Search Works Well

Have you ever gone to a website and been overwhelmed with the navigation and information? You look for the search box to find a short cut to exactly what you are looking for and can’t find it. That is one of the biggest frustrations for online shoppers. A poorly performing site search feature can be worse since Google raised people’s expectations when it comes to relevant search results. This article from Google commerce reports that online shoppers place a big premium on the ability to do site searches and finding deals. Happy customers that can find the products they are looking for on your site will increase your conversion rate.

Local Bozeman businesses already find it difficult to maintain a website. A simple survey of bike retailers in Bozeman found several businesses without a website, a few with a basic website without e-commerce capability, and most had outdated information, spelling errors, and no ability to search the site.

Local business owners have a huge need for creating an internet presence, but depending on store employees may turn out to be a poor decision. Based on some interviews with local business operators, they were concerned with having store employees manage the internet marketing. This is a valid concern. Out of control social media status updates that reflect poorly on the business, as well as spelling errors, broken links, and poor web design are headaches a local business owner should avoid.

While site search is one of the top ten features necessary for a successful online retailer, there are many important decisions an e-commerce site must take into account before going live. Highroadretail.com has years of experience in the industry with in-depth knowledge of what is working now when it comes to internet marketing. If you are looking for sound advice in your Bozeman internet marketing plans, then take advantage of your local business partner today.

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