Local Search Marketing for Bozeman Businesses

Local Search Marketing: How Bozeman Businesses Can Find New Customers

These days more and more people turn to search engines (like Google) and local review sites (like Yelp) to find local businesses of all kinds. Any Gallatin valley area business that ignores creating their local search presence is missing out on a relatively cheap and easy way to generate customers. This benefits ALL types of businesses – contractors, painters, restaurants, coffee shops (Bozeman likes the local coffee shops), accountants, chiropractors, direct sales…etc..

Do a search for your type of business (search “property manager in Bozeman or Big Sky”) – I can guarantee that at least some of your local competition is already showing up in this space. Because search engines, such as Google, place a lot of importance in the age of a site or listing, the longer you wait to market yourself the harder it will be to be listed high in the results. Our company will launch a training course this year to help local businesses  get their own listings and show up for these kinds of searches. I’m also offering a spreadsheet template with the training course that lists the sites you need to list your business and help you keep track of your work. This training course will save you time and money (stay tuned for when the training course opens).

(note: our company has created a e-book that covers the reasons you need to do local search marketing. If you want to know the secrets to success in local search marketing services, follow the link if available!)

Starting a local search presence can be overwhelming. There are lots of resources online on the topic, many giving differing directions and opinions. There are also plenty of web graphic design companies offering search engine optimization services that don’t really deliver and I know of several dissatisfied customers of some local overpriced web design firms. As a local business owner you have already probably been contacted by some of them.

For the most part though, submitting your business to these directories is relatively easy, but can take time. Once these listings are inserted in the local directories, they never expire as long as the website stays alive, so odds are your business be getting some kind of traction over time, if not a noticeable amount of new business.

Here is to your success Bozeman,

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