Bozeman internet marketing consultant recommends combo deals in your offering

Increase Sales through Better Packaging

Hello my friend,

I thought you would like this article when it comes to increasing sales.  I found this article about the success of combo meals at the fast food restaurants. Before I tell you how you can apply this to any business, I will summarize some key concepts from the study.

1. The customer ordered the combo meal even if there was not a price discount.

2. The customer ordered less food when there were no combo meals offered on the menu.

What were the benefits to the customer if there was not a price discount?

The customer valued the convenience of ordering the whole meal with one request, i.e. ” I will have the number 3″.

You can see that the customer appreciated this convenience, because they ordered less food when they had to read the menu and make individual choices.

How can you apply this to your Bozeman business or to any local business?

1. Make package deals or “value combo offerings”  in your catalog, store, or service offerings. This helps you differentiate yourself from the competition and also makes it harder to compare prices.  But, as we learned from this study, it is not about the price as much as the convenience. I will be expanding on how “packaging” can help you grow your business in a study course next month. Stay tuned for more details

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