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Bozeman Social Media Marketing: Where to Start?

Based on the topics covered in the Bozeman Chamber Biz Expo and an upcoming Techranch user group meeting, social media marketing is a hot topic. The main reason is that internet marketing is now more  than optimizing your website for search engines, paid search, and banner ads. It has morphed into relationships between businesses and customers.

There are many ways to develop a social media strategy for local businesses, but the question is who manages the campaigns? Several local business owners were concerned about employees posting status updates or tweets that reflect poorly on the company.  A good strategy is to work with a local internet marketing company to craft a tightly knit social media campaign that prevents any employees from getting off task.

The Bigger Question

The benefits to social media marketing is the ability to establish a relationship with the customer base. Social media allows conversations and sharing of information, and more importantly, the opportunity for your company information to go “viral”. However, the primary function of social media marketing is to generate traffic to the local Bozeman store, and the main problem I see with the current Bozeman businesses doing social media is they are using it more as a virtual soap box touting “buy my stuff”. Combining social media traffic getting tactics with a well crafted internet marketing plan will lead to a better return on your investment.

As they say in Montana, “before you head off into the woods, make sure you have a good map”.

Here is what can do for you

For a limited time, we are providing Bozeman based business owners who are serious about implementing an internet marketing strategy this year with a free 30 minute strategy session. This session will help you identify your needs, skills, and expectations. And’s internet experts will help you map out an internet marketing plan. Sign up for a consultation through the opt-in form to the right of this sidebar.

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