Simple Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Your Ticket to More Traffic: Five Quick Fixes to Get Your Small Business Website Found

This is a popular question from my clients and friends who have small businesses here in Bozeman. Some people want to know the secrets to search engine optimization, but the truth is that there are no secrets. Well, the secrets are not worth mentioning because they may be about scamming Google or something and that is not the way to build a life-long business. If you have the same question, then look at these five simple steps first and make sure to implement them if you have not done so already. You should make sure these best practices are in place on your site.

1.  Register your domain name for greater than three years.  Google looks at this to screen out domain names that are solely designed to churn and burn. What do I mean by that? Spammers, like criminals, are hunted down until they get caught. Google thinks spammers are evil so don’t be evil, right. Since spammers are always on the run trying to stay one step ahead of Google, they tend to set up fly-by-night websites to do their dirty black-hat business and then “torch the domain” once the trick is discovered and banned. Since spammers know that their spamming will eventually stop working, they do not want to invest money in a ten year lease on their domain name. Thus, Google knows that anyone committed to a domain name longer than the shortest lease term (1 year) is probably not going to spam. Now you know why it makes sense to register domain names for longer than one year. It is cost effective and is looked favorably upon by the search engines to see that you are confident that your business is going to be around for a number of years.  You will instantly receive search engine optimization credit for increasing the time to expire date.  You can contact your hosting provider and for less than $30 extend your site out a couple of years.

2.  Beware of duplicate web pages due to url addresses. A key way to prevent this is to have a 301 redirect in place to resolve and  If a permanent 301 redirect is not in place, the search engines will not know where to allocate the credit.  If they resolve in one place, one site will receive all of the credit from your SEO activities.  You worked hard to earn this credit, so make sure your site receives it fully.

3.  Create an opt-in form.  The key to successful internet marketing is to develop a great conversion funnel. Getting traffic to your website is just the first step. Leads are the gateway to customers. You need an opt-in form, squeeze page, or capture page.  Even though people know them by different names, the purpose is the same. You need to capture their information. If you have a solid offer and a landing page that supports your excellent call to action, you are more likely to gather that visitor’s information.  You can put them in an email marketing campaign or a lead nurturing campaign.  There is a world of options open to you once you have that email address or phone number.

4.  Start a business blog. Blogging is of the utmost importance for a couple of reasons:  The search engines look at a few important pieces of information and one of those criteria is indexed pages.  Each time you create a blog post, another page is created.  It is fast way to increase your volume of indexed pages. Blogging is yet another chance to create content around long-tail keywords.  Optimize each post around a long-tail keyword that you want to use to get found by prospects.

5.  Create keyword-rich unique and meaningful page titles.  Use your most powerful keywords first. You can separate the keywords by pipes {|} or dashes.  These characters signal to the search engines that it is the end of the thought. The other key is to use your geography to your advantage since searches do tend to insert localities to help filter their searches. I make sure to optimize this website for Bozeman internet marketing through posts and backlinks. By creating great content and backlinks, I continue to build more traffic to this website and establish my brand with the local business community. You can too, whether you are a plumber, a doctor, a dentist, or a builder. Find your passion, build a business around it, and promote it. It won’t be long before customers are contacting you for services.

In summary, inbound marketing and search engine optimization go hand-in-hand.  Your local business website site cannot be successful without accomplishing both of those tasks at the same time.  Stay tuned for more information that will be a big help to the Bozeman business community.

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Kath Costanti April 21, 2011 at 12:40 pm

We are a new company in Gallatin Gateway….our deal is interior design and we would like some creative ideas to market ourselves. Got any?

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