Christmas 2010 Shopping trends

What Do People Want for Christmas This Year?

The neat thing about online retail is that you can quickly see trends when you analyze the search traffic on your site and compare it to the results from other retailers and search engines.  Bozeman retailers should keep watch on these trends so they can be ready for the consumer demand this holiday season. Nothing disappoints a retailer more than not having the item that people want. This demonstrates the need to be on top of the trend and develop a flexible supply chain to be proactive and know what the customers are going to be searching for when they walk into your store.

SLI systems has enough online retail clients to be able to see trends in site search from the general public. It will be interesting to see if the initial 2010 Holiday shopping trends that they noticed last month will play out during the busy shopping season kicking off next week. I will write up a follow-up blog to this post in about two weeks that will cover the following points:

•    This year’s hot products and how consumers search for them
•    The paid and organic search strategies of top performing retailers
•    Economic trends effecting retail activity
•    How to use key data insights to improve your online marketing initiatives this holiday season

If you don’t have a web presence and the whole e-commerce thing seems intimidating, then connect with me and we can create a plan that gets you started.

We help Bozeman businesses improve their online retail presence or begin to sell online in easy steps and strategies even if they have never sold anything online. We know what works and affordable ways to make it happen.

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