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Social Media Primer: When “ Making Friends ” Can Make Your Income Soar

Dear Business – Builder,

If you ever hope to make it as entrepreneur, there’s one thing you have to come to terms with when you tackle your marketing to-do list:

You are NOT a writer. You are a salesperson. Moreover, people HATE salespeople!

No one likes to be sold anything.  Furthermore, they loathe the person who they think is actively attempting to sell them .

Yet, everything you’ve completed until now – and everything you will do over the course of your career – is for the express purpose of making a sale.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that when you put yourself ( or your spokesperson ) “ in a public setting”, such as an ad, commercial, or sales letter, you’re forming your relationship with your prospect at a significant disadvantage.

What I like to call a “seller’s debit.” Your prospects don’t know you, they don’t like you and they don’t trust you. All they really know is that you’re interfering on their demanding life and are probably contacting them to sell them your stuff.

Fortunately, there are established ways to overcome this problem.

One of the most effectual is to quickly begin your initial contact seeking a business relationship based on similar characteristics found in social friendships. This is also recognized in marketing circles as bonding with your prospect.

That said, here are six straightforward secrets for building an influential, strong bond with your prospect right from the start.

  1. Talk directly to your prospect – Find ways to personalize each line of body copy and frame every sentence in a way that directly affects your reader.
  2. Use jargon in the correct situations – Using industry terminology in the accurate way is an apparent sign that you respect his intelligence and, most importantly, builds credibility.
  3. Use figures of speech to instantly enhance your connection – Conversational expressions make your copy come alive and moving, infusing it with your personality and energy.
  4. Strengthen your bond with the sporadic hyperbole – For example, “a few surgeons are so greedy, they’ll gladly cut a hole through you – just to get to your wallet!”
  5. Beef up the informal quality of your copy – we refer to it as the “Bar conversation,” it’s the basic premise that your copy must make your prospect feel like he’s having a conversation with a friend.
  6. Offer Valuable information free of charge – When you provide informative content as part of your sales message – before you ask for money – it makes you immediately welcome in your prospects life.

When crafting your marketing messages, there are dozens of strategies and techniques for striking up a personal bond with your target customer. Begin with these six and you can’t help but make your ad copy much more personal and appealing!

The power of writing in a personal and conversational style creates a clear path to “making friends”, and earning their business through a solid relationship.  With practice, this can be second nature to you.

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