Relationship building with your customers will lead to higher conversion rates

Increase Your Conversion Rate with Auto-Responders

The role of the landing page is to move the prospect closer to a conversion. The landing page can be the product itself or an offer to receive a report, free trial, or sneak preview to the product or service. Since it is accepted that most customers do not buy the first time they are exposed to an offer, it is better to offer something in exchange for the contact information. This allows you to build a relationship with the prospect over time, and have a better chance of getting a conversion. A way to automate this process is to use an autoresponder.

An Auto-Responder system allows you to send automated email messages to prospects after they sign up for your offer. Once you set up your auto-responder and load it up with follow-up messages that are of value to your subscribers, you will be able to build relationships over time. By making your auto-responder content personal you can build trust with people in ways very similar to off-line methods.

It is a fact that people need to hear something (3) times before can recall what they heard, and then they need on average nine (9) “touches” before they reach a purchase decision. This is 27 emails that will be sent on average before the prospect is familiar with you and ready to buy. By building a relationship using  an auto-responder, you can stay in touch with your prospects and give them the opportunity to take action over and over again.

The auto-responder is a great way to maintain this type of contact and is working for you day and night…even when you are asleep!

You can check out our list and reviews of  autoresponders. Most  email services provide an easy to use interface as well as powerful reporting and tracking tools. You are able to track every click on links inside your email message as well as open rates, bounces, forwards, and unsubscribes.

As a business owner of any type, it is critical to own lists of interested prospects and loyal customers. By providing value to your lists over time with an auto-responder, you can generate cash for your business in a number of ways: affiliate product sales, retail product sales and over time you will be able to get people interested in joining your network marketing opportunity.

By using this soft-sell method, you only mention a network marketing opportunity after you have built some level of trust with your prospect.

Having a website is great, but if there is no system in place to capture leads and stay in touch with them, then the website isn’t going to be an effective tool. This is where many people who own small businesses fall short.

If you are not staying in contact with customers, then it will be almost impossible to increase sales. The great thing about an auto-responder system is you can set it up and it will do a lot of work for you so you can focus on other things.

A good way to start is to write 12-20 email messages on the topic your list is targeted towards and queue these up to be sent by your auto-responder at specific intervals such as once a day. You can add more messages over time as needed. Giving plenty of value and expanding the front end of the sales funnel gives the prospect more time to bond with you.

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