Effectively Using Facebook in Your branding Campaign

How to Properly Connect Your Business to Facebook Users

Facebook Advertising is all the rage since there are so many users and the advertising platform is starting to mature. The real problem for businesses is how to market to this user base when most of the users are on facebook for personal reasons.

The question of your company over-sharing on Facebook is relevant. Media Post recently published results from a focus group conducted by ExactTarget. Specifically when it came to Gen Y, consumers discussed openly about how often they want to see brands in their news feed. Here are just a few of the things from the report:

“There’s a fine line between being informative and being spammy. If a single brand becomes really trigger-happy with status updates, I get annoyed.”

“Brands that post constantly are part of the reason I’m not a Fan of too many pages on Facebook. Facebook is my personal network and I don’t really want to willingly submit to seeing more ads by ‘Liking’ something.”

“I used to see posts every day, but over time I got sick of so many unimportant updates. I didn’t want my feed filled with a company’s page asking what my favorite food was or whatever. So over time, I hid most of them.”

A specific comment from a woman who likes nearly 200 brands really tells how the average person is seeing your brand. When asked if she read the status updates from all of those 200 companies, she responded, “No. I’m lazy, I only read them if they are on the front page of my news feed.”

What to Do?

Posts need to be relevant and they need to come at the right pace. Not surprisingly, there is a direct relationship between the two. The better the posts, the more often people will want to see them.

Moreover, unlike an email campaign– where messages can be highly personalized to each user, your company Facebook posts are a one-size-fits-all proposition. So, it is important for you to decide not only when to post, but what to post. Based on what was learned out of the focus group, there are a few things to consider:

1) Focus on the “New” — the people we talked to like to hear about things that are new. New promotions, new products, new information. If you don’t have something new, don’t feel compelled to share.

2) Be fun, but not too fun — some Gen Y consumers really like when brands ask fun questions. Others could not care less. Regardless, they seem to agree that too much of this is a real turn-off.

3) Be honest — consumers are growing increasingly sensitive to “sneaky” tactics from companies. They know brands want them to “like” them, and they get it. But they are also catching onto brands that are using pushy or gimmicky marketing tactics on Facebook. For example, “It drives me nuts when they leave off information like the price or have hidden terms/conditions.”

Consumers are aware that marketers are stampeding toward Facebook via the proliferation of targeted advertising. As marketers try to figure out the best way to connect with them, it turns out that tried-and-true marketing principles are just as important on Facebook as they are anywhere else. Provide value. Be relevant. And treat them with respect.

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