Seize the deal type sites may just be a fad

Daily Deal Social Coupons: Good for Local Businesses?

Are you tempted to use a daily deal site like Groupon or Seize the Deal to promote your business. A recent article suggests the businesses that use Daily Deal sites lose money.
The reason is plain and simple. It does not follow the general rules of attraction marketing.

You are not creating a brand.
You are giving away your value to the “daily deal” site.
You are not building customer loyalty.

50% of retail businesses will not repeat another offer on the daily deal sites.
Another key point is that the rush of deal seekers may block out other customers who are paying full prices.

To learn a better way to market your business, you need to unlearn all the conventional ways of marketing and put a new plan together that covers the secrets to building a successful business. The model that is working is built around the principles of attraction marketing.

Click here to read the full article on the problems with the Groupon model.

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