How Kohl’s is Using Social Media to Score Big During Back to School

What happens when you mix a contest, school spirit, and moms together? You get a special branding campaign wrapped up in a pretty “I will help you” bow right in the midst of the second largest shopping season; Back to School.

Kudos to Kohl’s for throwing money at schools that draw the most support and using the Facebook platform to leverage the viral nature to spread the word.

Who is their target market? Moms with school aged kids.

What will happen? People will activate the Kohl’s Cares facebook app and spread the word.

Benefit? People will associate Kohl’s with helping schools. Kohl’s is a good company.

Marketing Psychology? Let’s support Kohl’s because they support our schools.

So there you go, a simple case study in how you can build your brand through association with good causes. But what makes this better than a simple sponsorship, its the interactive nature of this sponsorship. The facebook platform has 500 million active users and is deeply penetrated in US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Kohl’s has stores all over the US, so $500,000 award to a school is big enough to entice a large voter turnout. Don’t you want your child’s deserving school to win? Would you tell others to go vote? Yea, there you go. A simple branding campaign that also taps into the law of reciprocity. I like it.

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Jacquelyn H. July 27, 2010 at 4:10 am

And what is wrong with that? I am one of those mom’s working hard to promote it! So I obviously support it even if we do not win. But I will be honest, I really liked Kohl’s even before they started this contest. They offer a great variety of merchandise that is also at a good price point! But since you bring it up feel free to vote! We need all the help we can get as we are a small K-6 school of 264 kids who can not compete with the high schools where the kids can vote! We need gym and a lunch room. We do not have one. In this day and age when childhood obesity is at an all time high can you believe it is even legal/ let alone ethical to have an elementary school with out a gym? Decatur Classical Chicago. We need a (GREEN) gym.

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