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How to Leverage Your Article Marketing Efforts to Build Your Business

So, you’ve written your ezine article and published it in your ezine. You have followed the tips to writing great articles. Now what ? Do you write another article, and let the other articles age gracefully in one location, or do you repurpose it and let it really work for you to grow your list?

Experts would  say the latter – repurpose your article and let it build your list!

However, the goal is to add value no matter what marketing channel you are using. The key is to reuse the article and leveraging your time but not just copying the article word for word into each medium. Instead, you need to modify the article content to freshen it up for the relaunch. Using your articles in this way is one of the most effective strategies you can implement to build your business and grow your online community, a.k.a. your list.

Here are three easy steps as to how you can take your signle newsletter article and use it in a variety of different formats to reach more of your ideal clients and customers.

Step 1 – Post it to your blog

After you have published your article in your ezine (hint: let your subscribers be the first to read your brand-new articles – one of the perks of signing up to your list!) take your article and post it to your blog. This is a great way to reach a whole new audience to let them know about your ezine, and to reach those people who are subscribed to your RSS feed.

If you also include your Author’s Resource Bio at the end of your blog post you will provide an additional way for your blog readers to sign up to your ezine.

Tip: If you use a blogging platform such as WordPress, this is hosted on your website. Each time you post to your blog you are creating fresh content for your website, which the search engines love!

Step 2 – Link your article to your Social Networking Profile(s)

Submit your article or blog link to Facebook and Twitter (you are active on Facebook and Twitter?) and other social networking sites, so your social networks read your article too. Encourage them to also post comments so that you can engage with them on your blog.

If you are using Facebook, you can set up your profile so that it automatically pulls all blogs posts into your Facebook account each time. This is done via the Notes feature.

And, because you are also driving traffic to your blog via your social networks, this is going to help improve your search engine rankings.

Step 3 – Create a Podcast

Reach those people who prefer to listen rather than to read, and create a video podcast episode out of your article. A video podcast is simply a digital video recording that is made available on the Internet so that people can watch you teach the content material instead of reading the article.

The three simple steps  all work very well on their own to help you repurpose your articles, but if you put them all together into a system then you have the foundations for your online marketing system and these strategies, if implemented regularly, will drive traffic to your website and build your list.

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