15 Tips to Improve Your Article Marketing Skills

Your article titles make a huge impact on your article marketing success. Here are 15 tips from Eric Gruber for writing profitable article titles.

1. Use an Unusual Angle. A pet website editor who sees dozens of article proposals about which dog fence is best and why will likely notice this title, “The medical downside of invisible fences, to dog and owner.” The author has found an unusual angle. The title “Are invisible fences harmful?” could be used for the same article, but it doesn’t provide the same insight or generate the same excitement as the first title. If you have an unusual angle, use it.

2. Do not try to make the title “smart”, by using irony, word play or other “journalistic” approach. Your title must be thought as of a label to your article in the unlimited virtual library that the Internet is.

3. Headlines have to stand on their own. Think of it in this way: if somebody was to read your title without the associated content would the reader be able to tell what the article contained?

4. You have to define your audience and appeal to their emotions. By defining her audience (women entrepreneurs) in her article, Jill Lublin was able to get her article found among thousands of other articles – and it got published in a new women’s print magazine.

5. Get to the point and convey exactly what your article is about. In today’s busy world, we don’t want to take the time to find out whether or not we need to read your article.

6. Get specific. For example, I can use the article title:

“How to write articles faster” or I can use “How to Write Your Articles in 30 Minutes or Less.” Which article title is stronger?

7. Address a pressing need or desire. This will create instant urgency. You want to make me stop in my tracks, forget about every thing else I am doing and read your article this second.

8. Make your article appealing to both the search engines and your readers. Yes! You want to add your keywords so your articles can be found in the major search engines.

But, 100% SEO-friendly article titles are boring. You need to add direct response copywriting to make me want to read your article.

9.Strike a balance (lengthwise!) – You don’t want a long- winded sentence as your article title. But, you also don’t want 2 to 3 words. You want it long enough to describe what the article is about and how the reader will benefit.

10. Engage readers. You can easily do this by turning your article into a question.

11. Clearly state “What’s In It For Me.” Within your article title make an outrageous proposition with an amazing benefit. Just make sure within your article, you fulfill the promise.

12. Show what makes you different. Show the reader that you’re not providing the same old, regurgitated content that everyone else is providing.

13. Make use of steps. With an article title like “3 Easy Steps to Overcoming Writer’s Block” people are far more likely to begin reading the article because they believe it will be easier to read. Everyone is willing to do a task that is broken down into smaller tasks for them as it will be easier for them to complete

14.Use power words like: free, how to, discover, learn.

These words create a sense of urgency, interest and desire.

They make you want to know more. They make you feel like you need to read the article to find out what the author is talking about. Use a power word in your article title and you are guaranteed to spark interest in many people’s minds.

15. Be controversial. People are interested in reading articles that are controversial, regardless of their stance on the topic.

Hopefully you found this article interesting about how to get your articles read.

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