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What is the perfect length for website content?

I’m sure you’ve been faced with this dilemma at one point in time.

Perhaps it’s even still a burning question in your mind.

But really — what IS the perfect length of website content to put on your site and even to publish outside your website?

Let’s define website content. This includes articles or blog posts on a specific topic. There is debate about the length, the owner of ezine articles recommends 400-800 words. Others would debate that length of content is relative. Some writers have a tough time keeping their articles under 3,000 words.

“3000 words!  You kidding me?!”

I have read some articles that are over 10,000 words (and could probably be sold as a short report).

The argument against short articles is that the only person you cut short when you cut your content off at some magical number is your visitor.

Key Question: Do you simply want to create website visitors that bolt through your content, click something and then move on (showing absolutely no interest in developing loyalty)?


Would you rather turn casual website visitors into loyal followers that count on you for critical updates on the topic at hand?

I think most would say they want the latter — what about you?

So then the magical question comes back to the original.

“How long is long enough for website content?”

The answer to that is how much value do you want to put into the article.  Because that value you put into the article is ultimately going to lead to the kind of returns on investment. This is a key component to the law of attraction.

Expert marketers who can deliver value through their articles and webcontent ca build a large database of over 60,000 prospects. This is so important, its worth repeating. The key to building your business is building your customer base. The key to building a customer base, is to build loyalty. The key to build loyalty is to provide real value through an enriching relationship.

The other thing you can do with your content is to syndicate it through other channels. You can take a 3,000 word article and dilute it down to a 750-900 word article to distribute outside your site, but make sure there is immense value in it.

Lastly, make sure on ALL syndicated articles distributed outside your site to leave the extra good content to be said at your site so the conversation continues with the visitor.

Most business owners are truly missing the boat on this tactic alone.

When you incorporate this style of writing content, you will constantly be pulling in new prospects and feeding them your valuable content that creates long time loyal followers. So when it comes to the length of your content, the real question you must ask is whether you’ve followed through to deliver the value of what your promised the Title of your article.

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