Search Engine Optimization and Article Marketing

Building Your Business through Article Marketing

As discussed in our Attraction Marketing explained guide, one of the foundations to any marketing campaign is establishing authority.  Think about the news industry. News reporters are writing a story for their respective media outlet and needs sources.  Where do they find the sources? They are looking for experts who can credibly talk about the topic. A quote with colorful language is even better. Why does the reporter need these quotes? The reporter does not have any credibility or authority on the topic. Instead, the reporter borrows credibility from the source that supports the main points of the news story. For example, if the reporter was writing about the impact of a mill levy vote on the school district, then the reporter should interview school district administrators perspective on the vote.

It is a fact that experts have done something to build their reputation. The goal of a business that provides a product or service to an end consumer is to develop a reputation of an expert. Article marketing is an excellent way to introduce yourself to the world and establish authority. Article writing is considered to be one of the most simple and effective marketing strategies used by many of the top producing internet businesses. Article Marketing will assist you in creating your online presence, and well as establishing yourself as a credible and trustworthy leader in your area of expertise.The good news is that having your articles published is not difficult.

Article marketing is by far one of most straightforward, effective and profitable marketing strategies that will quickly establish your online presence, as well as boost your internet business and it’s profits.

Your internet business will never be found, if potential customers don’t know you exist. As new business owners understand, “Build it and they will come” does not hold true. Since there are numerous websites that are competing in your specific niche, or area of expertise, finding your new beautiful blog or website you spent long hours creating, is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Article marketing serves many useful purposes for your business, or for any online business. Here are a few reasons why article marketing is beneficial:

* Article marketing allows you to quickly attract the attention of a broad number of people who may be interested in the area you are writing about, or the business you are involved in.

* Article marketing allows you to give high quality and valuable content to the interested reader.

* Article marketing allows you to easily demonstrate your authority on the specific topic or subject matter.

* Article marketing builds your credibility.

* Article marketing is important to search engine optimization.  Published articles build back links to your site, which will elevate your website or blog status in the search engine’s directory.

Article marketing is not designed as a vehicle for self promotion. The resource box section found at the bottom of articles provide an opportunity  to sell yourself and your business.

Your main focus when writing an article is to provide the reader with high quality and valuable content.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Article marketing needs to be part of a comprehensive marketing plan. The plan also includes strategies for Blogging and Social Media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and You-tube.  With the right guide, a comprehensive marketing strategy can quickly increase your online presence, as well as share your knowledge with a global audience and attract customers.

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